Ladies of Snack / by Samantha Murray

Although every day feels like pro-women’s day here at Snack’s HQ full of fearless females (plus our awesome co-owner, Dave!), yesterday officially marked International Women’s Day (IWD). What began in New York City as a women’s march for reasonable hours, better pay and voting rights in 1908, IWD has grown into a full-blown movement that is observed every year in hundreds of countries across the globe.

More than just a date on a calendar, IWD’s mission and vision can be felt and heard year-round as the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are recognized. Acknowledging this day is more important than ever, especially in 2017, where we’ve seen a revival of the feminist movement – in large part due to the outrageous statements and actions of a certain real-estate mogul turned President – and we recognize that the fight to accelerate gender parity continues.  

To mark IWD, a few ladies of Snack reflected on the female mentors who have influenced or inspired us throughout our lives. Whether through feminist teachings, creative ingenuity or general badass-woman-ness, these ladies know how to represent femme liberté:


This year, I was super inspired by the ladies behind the PussyHat project – Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. Two admirable women with the desire and drive to make change from the grassroots level. Together, they created a movement, a website to support it, and free knitting patterns so others could join in and become part of something that showed support of women, for women. I was so inspired that I knitted three hats! One for myself, Patrice and her awesome friend Lisa McDonald who participated in a march in San Diego. We all wear our hats with pride! To learn more about this project, go to: #pussyhat

(L-R)  Lisa, Patrice and Sam in their PussyHats!

(L-R) Lisa, Patrice and Sam in their PussyHats!


My siblings.
6 sisters/1 brother.
Stellar examples of what family can be.
Card-carrying members of the First Spouse Club.
Collectively have raised 22 grounded, responsible children.
Some maintained a career while childrearing, others chose to stay at home.
No regrets. No judgement.

They’re authentic, and perfectly imperfect.
Smart. Supportive. FUN.
Can feed a group of 60 without batting an eye.
We actually like each other.
I never take them for granted.

Here we are in 1980 at my sister Donna’s swinging student apartment (U of Guelph). Butter tarts and wine…no wonder we get along.

Here we are in 1980 at my sister Donna’s swinging student apartment (U of Guelph). Butter tarts and wine…no wonder we get along.


Lena Dunham inspires me to no end. As a writer, filmmaker, producer, podcaster, actress and comedian, she is quite literally a Jane of all trades. Unabashedly herself, Lena never ceases to make me laugh, cringe, cry, agree and/or disagree with her witty, entertaining and relevant writing. To get a taste of Lena’s inspiration, visit Lenny Letter, the website/blog she co-founded. Below are two of my favourite Lena quotes:

I think if you feel like you were born to write, then you probably were.

Luxury is nice, but creativity is nicer.

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz,  Vogue , May 2014

Photograph by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, May 2014


My mom is the best woman I know. She is a nurturing force, a hard worker, a natural artist, a captivating storyteller and a shoulder to lean on. Growing up, I never saw her as a “cool mom” or a “best friend” - but that's what makes her a great mother. She’s stern but never stifling; sensible and rational, but always a source of warmth. As an adult (and soon-to-be-mother myself!) I’m constantly finding new ways to appreciate everything she is, and all that she stands for.

My mom and me; circa 1989.

My mom and me; circa 1989.

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