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Snacks Quarterly: Our New Fave Online Publication by Samantha Murray

Here at the studio, we love all things snack, so when former colleague Jamie Philp sent over this link we just had to share! Snacks Quarterly. This amazing online publication is dedicated to all things snack. People’s favourite snacks, poems about snacks, stories including snacks – if it has to do with a snack or snacking, it’s there.

One of my favourites is this amusing article called “Snack Two-liners” by Emily Toder.

There are lots of mini-interviews with different writers and designers peppered throughout. Imaginative questions revolving around crazy snack scenarios. I won’t tell you where to find them because half the fun is exploring! Here is just one – where the article’s visual is now on our must-have list:

Enjoy snacking on this site! We certainly did :)