I will walk 500 miles... / by Samantha Murray

The first long weekend of the summer has come and gone and we are ready to embrace the few warm summer months ahead. In the spirit of healthy competition and in an effort to make the most of the longer daylight hours, a group of Snackers are embarking on the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), which is a 100-day journey to wellness. The goal, with our pedometers in tow, is to each walk 100,000 steps (500 miles) in 100 days, or in other words, the infamous 10,000 steps a day.

We will be walking and moving with hundreds of thousands of people from 185 countries around the world competing in the GCC.

As we track our steps, we will move on a virtual journey “around the world”. Our walk started on May 25th at the Colosseum in Rome, famous for its athletic feats and spectacles. As we walk, we will make our way around Europe and abroad, reaching and uncovering new cities and landmarks every day as we go.

We are excited for the challenge, and look forward to the extra snacking our added activity will allow us each day.